I'm one of the Co-founders of Gigfunding, leading by example, using our marketplace.

I'm fundraising for:
The Yoga For Life Project
Working with the NHS, they provide therapeutic yoga to help with physical and mental conditions. They aim to work with communities and minorities, bringing diversity to the mat.

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3 requests

3 received reviews (100% positive, 3/3)

Good to trial

Will try another hire tomorrow

Perhaps get my nails done?

Am keeping notes for feedback chat

Just wondered if my messages were in two different places - both on your site & my e-mails - so will watch out for that to comment?

Otherwise, tally ho!

mark p about listing Commercial Photography 4 months ago.

Well done mate

Chris about listing testing site 4 months ago.

strange... is this giving myself a review?

Pasco about listing testing site 4 months ago.