Information about Gigfunding

How it works

How it works 

1.Hire local skills you need through the marketplace

2. Pay for the skill, at the normal market rate

3. The skill is volunteered by a kind, friendly neighbour

4. All the money is donated to causes you and the volunteer choose.


Skills might include: 

Coaching, mentoring, kids entertainment, consultancy, illustration, teaching things, language lessons, dance classes, live music performances, yoga teaching, cookery classes, DIY guides, gardening advice, fixing things, music composing, product photography, copywriting, comedy performances, tech development, making things, counseling, graphic design, video editing, arts and crafts, music mixing, singing lessons… you get the idea. 


It’s all about creating a more fun & sustainable way for everyone to support causes we love and need. It's about diversifying the way everyone can support and drive social changeAnd it's a way to build trust and tackle loneliness within our communities through meeting your neighbours. 

Key terms explained:


The person who is looking for a particular skill or task to be carried out. They pay for this service and the money goes to local causes.


The person who offers their skills on a voluntary basis.


The chosen charity or non-profit that the funds will be donated to.


The job that is carried out by the volunteer for the hirer. 

How to use the platform

#1 Create your profile. add your picture, description, choose who you are fundraising for.

#2 Verify yourself. using your bank details

#3 Post a listing. you can Volunteer a skill or Request a skill.

#4 Connect with a neighbour. Ether someone hires your skill, or you hire someone elses, OR you fulfil someone's request. 

#5 Make the payment. if you're the Hirer, you need to pay for the skill at this point, BEFORE the skill is exchanged. 

#6 Fulfil the gig. This is when the magic happens. Volunteer your skills to help someone else, or hire someone elses. 

#7 Leave a review. We want to know if your neighbour did a good job, and it's a chance to show some appreciation :)