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  • Yes! It is a free service with no fees for individuals or the causes we champion. As a UK registered non-profit organisation, we use a PAY-WHAT-YOU-FEEL revenue model and invite you to give between 0 to 20 % of your payment to Gigfunding; so we can continue to keep the platform running. We like to practice what we preach and rely on the same method of fundraising we offer causes. Like the causes we champion, Gigfunding relies on its community and donations to thrive
  • Currently the project is completely self-funded, and run by a team of like-minded and enthusiastic volunteers. As well as donations, in our first year (2017) we won £15,000 of grant funding, and have gratefully received £1645 through crowdfunding too. We are in the process of applying for private investment loans, to see us through our first 3 years of startup, to self-sustainability. Check out our Investment deck if you want to know the ins and outs.
  • Use our online marketplace to hire or volunteer skills through the site. Currently gigs will focus on the virtual side, but as we hope to return to a more familiar life the possibilities will be endless - dog walking, cooking classes, the Gigfunding world will be your oyster. The skills for hire will cost market rates, and the money is donated to the causes the hirer and volunteer choose. See How it works for more detail.
  • The platform is designed to be beneficial to all in your community, but currently under 18 year olds unfortunately cannot use the site due to liability and safeguarding considerations.

    We recognise that an online platform may pose challenges for certain folks, but we hope that in the spirit of Gigfunding, friends, neighbours and family members can help them to benefit from it.

    We plan to make Gigfunding as inclusive as possible for people with different-abilities, we want a truly vibrant community of changemakers. For more information see the Digital Inclusion question below.
  • Feel free to fill out a contact form here, or you can also use the live chat widget at the bottom left of your screen. We will endeavour to respond ASAP, but we’re only a small team of busy volunteers so please bare with us on response times!
  • In 2017, when our two co-founders, Pasco and Luke, were living in different continents. We have had a slow, organic and patient journey bringing this idea to reality.Dive deeper here.
  • In 2018 with a part time volunteer team of three we proved the concept with our prototype, raising £2,455 for 33 different causes, through 43 gigs.
  • Society is changing, fundraising must too. We want to put the fun back in fundraising, creating a community of changemakers to drive positive social change through truly worthwhile causes.

    As soon as possible, we want to enable Gift-Aid on our donations to charities as this will generate considerably more money for all the causes.

    We plan to build relationships with corporations who want to discount skills for disadvantaged hirers. We love the idea that neighbours with less financial freedom can still get access to the skills they require and desire, particularly upskilling related gigs.

    We want people to eventually be able to choose multiple causes on their profile. This is currently limited by our manual process of payments and accounting.

    We want to enable digitally excluded members to have access to the site via tablets set up in community centres and charity shops.

    We want to enable our causes to have access to the highly skilled individuals, via pro-bono match making. This too would need a form of corporate sponsorship.
  • There could be some instances of this, but only a small percentage. The overall positive impact of the deed is the key aspect and fees won’t be undercutting market rates.

    We think that more skills will be hired because of the fundraising element, creating requests that would otherwise not have been hired at all

    Eg. Sarah wants her wall repainted, but can’t justify spending £100 to do it. However, now she knows about Gigfunding, she can feel content in spending the money, as she knows all the money is going to local causes she loves. The painter might only offer the job as a one off, for the year, but Sarah could hire them again, or recommend them to a friend external to Gigfunding, giving the painter a new paying client.

    We also feel many of the gigs will be tasks that would have normally been favours; eg. Watering your neighbor's plants, doing that job for a mate or walking your friend’s dog.
  • This is something we have had on our minds since day one. Gigfunding is all about inclusivity and community, enabling everyone to connect and give in the way they want to and are able to.

    At this stage, the only way we can currently enable digitally excluded people to use the site is through a buddy system.

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